Is It Time for a Vacation?

If the time has come for you to get away from the daily stresses that life can bring with it, where do you plan on going? For many people looking for a More »

Preparation Tips For Your Upcoming Travel

The days before you go for vacations or traveling are usually frantic as you check and double check everything that you need to take with you. The fear of forgetting something important More »


Best Rental Car Choices for a Honeymooning Couple

If you happen to live in Western Australia, and are about to tie the knot, you simply must spend your honeymoon in this beautiful state, and the ideal way to do that is with a hire vehicle. There is so much to see and do in the Perth area, and with such a diverse region, there is something to suit every taste. You and your partner will hopefully be able to take enough time to really see and experience the wonders on WA, and there will be time enough for work and married life after you both enjoy those first few weeks together.



The Honeymoon

Of course, there are many possibilities, you may prefer a slow drive along the Gold Coast, stopping wherever the fancy takes you, and with so many romantic coastal restaurants, the evenings will be very special. Some of the more adventurous might prefer car hire and just go wherever the feeling takes you, and if that is your idea of a great holiday, Western Australia is the ideal place. You may be from Europe or America, and have decided that Western Australia is the perfect backdrop for a memorable honeymoon, and if that is the case, you can arrange to pick up your hired vehicle at the airport.

Sports Utility Vehicle

The SUV is ideal for both WA, and a honeymoon, as it can carry all your luggage and more. Travel in style and comfort and have ample room for the many souvenirs you will take home. Once you have decided on your route, car rental in Perth by Ace Rent a Car will provide you with the perfect vehicle at very reasonable prices. If you are flying in, the perfect solution is to pick up and drop off the vehicle at Perth Airport, making everything very convenient. Some couples like to combine the honeymoon their best friends, and in that case, mini bus hire might be the best option.

Stylish Compact

This is a good choice if you plan to spend a lot of time in the city and surrounding suburbs, and rental cars are cheap, allowing you to indulge a little more during the holiday. Agile and economical, a compact has ample room for a couple, even with all of their luggage, as it can seat up to 5 people. Any established car rental company in Perth would have maps and information about local tourist attractions, and would be able to make a few recommendations, once they know what kind of things you are interested in.

Luxury Sedan

Of course, the honeymoon is special, and why not indulge in some luxury transport? This will really make travelling around a pleasant experience, and with so many interesting places to see, you and your partner can go where you like and stay for as long as you wish. A top of the range car will make you both feel a little special, so splash out and hire a smooth ride, after all, you only get married once!

Whatever your tastes, hiring a car for your Perth honeymoon will give you the freedom and flexibility to explore this beautiful part of Australia.

Top Asian Cities to Visit This Year

Asia is a deeply fascinating continent that offers any tourist a wide range of choice, from the idyllic beaches of Thailand and China’s Great Wall to the temples of Hanoi and the bright lights of Tokyo. There is so much to discover on this great continent that many set months aside to travel through it and experience as much as they can. If you don’t have months that you are able to spend traveling throughout the continent then that is just fine, you can still explore some of its most impressive cities on a long break or a vacation for a week or two and here are some of the best cities to visit.


Tokyo, Japan

This thoroughly modern cosmopolitan city offers tourists bright lights, crazy technology, exquisite cuisine and natural beauty and a trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without visiting the country’s neon capital. Tokyo is a city of invention and re-invention that is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of technology, it embraces its traditions through its restaurants and bars and its packed stadiums showing sumo contests. The city is clean and safe and getting around is very easy with fast trains, efficient bus services and private car services available to ferry you from point to point.

Seminyak, Indonesia

Bali has become a hotspot for tourists over the last 20 years and Seminyak offers tourists the most beautiful beaches on the island. The city has an atmosphere that is laid back and relaxed and it offers tourists not just phenomenal sunsets but also a trendy city with upscale restaurants and trendy bars. If you are heading to Indonesia then don’t miss out on this incredible city.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of China’s most popular cities for travelers and it very easy to see why, the largest city in China and one which offers tourist the chance to experience the city’s past, its present and even its future. The Huangpu River splits the city in two and separates the districts of Pudong and Puxi, Pudong is the ultra-modern, sci-fi-esque quarter of the city and Puxi is where you will be able to glimpse in to Shanghai’s rich cultural past. Bars, nightclubs, shows, museums, statues, theaters and more shops than anyone could wish for, Shanghai has everything that a traveler requires.

Nalaikh, Mongolia

Just a 30 minute ride from Mongolia’s capital city is the national park of Terelj where you can experience a day or two of the nomadic Mongolian lifestyle. In this vast region you can stay in a traditional yurt and exploring the region on horseback with some true Mongolian cowboys. If you are looking for truly memorable and entirely different sort of vacation or even an extension to your Asian adventure then this part of Mongolia will be the perfect option. This trip will be sure to fill up your camera reel and make you think very differently about your way of life back home, traveling should always be a great experience and this will be one that you are never going to forget.


Should Your Wedding Party Use a Limo?


Photo by CC user Duncan C on Flickr.

Congrats! You’re getting married! Not only is this an exciting time in your life, but one filled with tons of planning. From the wedding cake, to the bride’s dress to your wedding party, there’s lots to think about in a short amount of time. You’ll also find that you’ll want to plan how your wedding party will get to your wedding service and reception. You can either have them drive separately, carpool or have a limo service pick them up. When looking at your options, you’ll most likely find that hiring a service such as Limousines in Perth by Perth Hummer is the best route to take as most of the hassle will be taken care of for you. Along with a lack of hassle, here are some great reasons why hiring a limo service for your wedding party is the right way to go.

Less worry, more fun

Having to worry about how all the most important guests are going to get to and from your wedding venues is a huge hassle and something that you shouldn’t be concerned with. But, as well all know, someone is always late, stuck in traffic or having car troubles, leading to a snowball effect of disasters. When you hire a limo service to transport everyone, all your worries disappear as you’ll only have to be concerned with the limo driver making it on time and not each and every car. Some will also just go with carpooling as their means to get to your wedding, but even then, risks are higher with a personal car then a service that regularly services their vehicles and keeps their maintenance in check.

No parking issues

Even if your venue has a large parking lot of some sort, if you’ve got more guests coming than parking spaces, you’ll find that there’s a big problem on your hands. You can easily tell later arrivals that they have to park down the street and elsewhere, but honestly who wants to walk a longer distance in high heels and a nice outfit? That’s not the way to start a wedding day. However, if your wedding party arrives in one large vehicle, you’ll find more spaces are left available for others, which in the end makes everyone happy.

You can drink and so can they

It is a well known fact that nerves can start to become a bit much on a wedding day, making it so that both the bride and groom have been known to drink a little bit to help take the edge away before the main ceremony. If your wedding party has taken part of this drinking and then is forced to drive themselves to the next venue for the wedding reception, you’re putting them at risk for a car accident. To be safe, it’s best to have them become passengers in another limo rather than drivers of their own vehicle. That way they can join in on the fun without having to closely monitor their drinking before driving.

As you can see from the few reasons above, hiring a limo is a great option. Not only will you not have to worry about your wedding party arriving to each venue on time, but you yourself will be able to relax knowing that everything is taken care of and that everyone is safe and sound. The last thing you need to do on your wedding day is stress about the little details, in fact, you should be in your own little world, enjoying what the day means for your future.

Is It Time for a Vacation?


If the time has come for you to get away from the daily stresses that life can bring with it, where do you plan on going?

For many people looking for a little R&R, getting some time off can be the biggest challenge.

In a world today where millions of people are working extra hours, oftentimes for less pay than they may have made in the past, it can seem almost too difficult to work in some vacation time.

That said are you still determined to enjoy some vacation time before the year ends or at some point in 2017? If so put your thinking cap on now as to when and where.

Determine How Best to Plan Time Away

So that you can make your vacation as enjoyable as possible, remember these pointers:

  • Where are you going? – First and foremost, coming up with a destination or destinations is where you kick things off. Are you looking to stay closer to home or visit one or more foreign countries? If the choice is the latter, you certainly have myriad of selections to choose from. Whether those choices include you looking to find vacation packages to Brazil, heading to parts of Europe on hiking excursions, or possibly even taking a tour of some remote island or islands, zero-in on the location. From there, you can then break down prices as far as transportation (see more below), where to stay, what to do for entertainment etc.
  • Getting there – One of the bigger challenges you might find in front of you is how to get to your vacation destination or destinations. That said take the time to do some research on airlines, cruise ships, trains etc. Once you’ve done that, you will be better positioned to ultimately determine your mode or modes of transportation.
  • Where are you staying? Depending on your finances and how much you want to spend on accommodations, come to decisions on where to stay during your vacation. If you are looking to impress (or just live it up on your own), some nicer hotels and/or resorts would be your choices. If, however, you want to save some green, you can scale back and find hotels that are not only less expensive, but may even be closer to what you want to do and see. Keep in mind (just like airfares) that hotel and/or resort prices tend to fluctuate with the time of the year.

Will It Be an Active or Relaxing Vacation?

  • Activities or relaxation? – One of the notable choices you need to make when going on a vacation is what to do. Will it be a trip of exploring various neighborhoods, cultural exhibits and events, perhaps even getting truly active with hiking, zip-lining and more? On the other hand, will it be a vacation more conducive to lounging on a hammock or beach chair, kicking your shoes off in the sand, ending it all with a cold drink? In the best-case scenario, you mix things up, giving you a nice variety of seeing sites and still recharging your battery.
  • Planning for the next one – Once this vacation is in the record books, how soon until you figure on taking another one? While it might seem like rushing things, taking the time to think about the next vacation is good on several fronts. Most notably, you can already start saving up money, allowing that trip to be a little more stress-free where it concerns finances. You can also be better prepared in knowing maybe where you overspent on the most recent vacation, being a little more careful next time around.

Only you will typically know if the time is right for a vacation.

Whether you’ve been burning the midnight oil with work or school (perhaps both), the time will come when you need a recharge.

In doing so, make the most of your plans so that you can relax once you get to your destination.

So, where will you be taking your next vacation?