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Best day trips from Las Vegas

While there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy on the strip of Las Vegas, you might want to explore the ones that exist outside city limits as well. In this article, we will review the best day trips from Las Vegas that will make the best use of your time on your trip here... 1) Take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon One of the most epic day trips you can do from Las Vegas to enjoy a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Many people that go to see the Grand Canyon from

The Great Lakes Circle Tour: A Cool Road Trip for a Hot Summer

In most states around the U.S., trusty meteorologists are predicting sweltering summers. Whether the unusual temperatures are due to climate change or the more predictable La Nina conditions, the fact remains that you and your family could be stuck inside for the entirety of July and August ― or you could go on a cool road trip. The Great Lakes boast some of America’s coolest places, including Chicago, Niagara Falls, and numerous beaches that provide the perfect opportunities to cool off. The

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