Giving Your Partner The Perfect Premier League Match Day

If you and your partner’s travels are taking you to the UK then one of the best activities that you can do is take your loved one to a Premier League game. Any soccer fan will adore this gesture and there are several steps you can take to help turn this into a full day of fun. We have Aussie friends who love to gamble on the EPL and going there would be a dream, we made them all jealous when we eventually got the chance to do just that. Instead of playing at the sportsbooks or online pokies Australia style, head to the UK and go to see a Premier League game, here’s how to do it right. 

Full English To Kick Start 

The only right way to start this kind of day out is with a traditional English breakfast. On days like this, look out for what is called a greasy spoon, these are cafes that are raw and ready, and absolutely delicious. For those who don’t eat meat, fear not as there are plenty of plant-based replacements for sausage and bacon. 

Having a Wager 

Next up you need to head to the betting shop for a light-hearted wager on how the game will go. Here you don’t need to go to a real money casino to place your bets, as there are many little shops that will take your bets. Keep this low cost, remember that it is just a little bit of fun.

Pre-Match Pint

Make sure that you get to the stadium a couple of hours before the game kicks off. Regulars may not do this but how many chances like this will you get again? For this reason, you should ensure that you suck the most out of this experience. Do a lap around the stadium then find a pub near the ground where you can go and enjoy a pint before the action begins. This is part and parcel of a match day, and it is where you will begin to get a sense of the excitement. 

Leaving Late 

You will find that most will rush out of the stadium after the game, but it is better to wait for 15/20 minutes before you head out. This will give you the chance to drink in those final moments and it will mean that things are a little quieter once you leave. You’d be amazed at just how quickly thousands of fans can suddenly disappear once they are out of the stadium. 

Post-Match Drink and Meal 

After the game, it is time to enjoy the moment and relive the day with your partner. Prior to match day, be sure to pick a nice restaurant on the way back from the stadium, to sit down, enjoy a drink, a nice meal, and talk about the day’s events. This is also an ideal opportunity for you to check those betting slips and see whether or not you have managed to win anything. 

The perfect Premier League match day.