How to Explore the Hidden Side of Europe

Europe is loaded with popular travel destinations, attractions, and things to do. Rather than travel the beaten path when you go on your European tour, go for a Europe tour package that allows you to step away from the routine and experience the less beaten path on a budget. There are many destinations and attractions that you may have never heard before but worth every moment spent. You can easily find Europe group tours from leading travel companies in India when you conduct an online search. To help you get up and running, we explore some of the ways you can explore the hidden side of Europe.

Visit Kamnik Alps – Slovenia

The tiny country of Slovenia is gifted with countless beautiful places on the less beaten path. The Kamnik Alps is one great place to visit on your European tour. They are home to the magnificent Velika Planina uplands. The attraction is conveniently located just an hour from Ljubljana another great stop on your visit.

Visit Saaremaa Island – Estonia

If you are a fan of beer and windmills, you will definitely enjoy a trip to Estonia on your European tour. Although the destination’s popularity is surging, it is a great stop that is affordable in every way. You will also find Kaali, the unique green-colored Lake located on the Estonian island.

Visit Salzkammergut Region – Austria

Austria is home to one of the most beautiful Alpine lakes in the world known as Lake Hallstatt. The best time to visit the lake for some outdoor adventure is in summer and winter. The popular playground is adorned with stunning views and is connected to a historic salt mine by way of a mountain railway network, and to the Mammoth Cave and Dachstein Ice Caves by cable car.

Visit Perast – Montenegro

Perast offers you the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life on a budget. The town is situated on the coast of Montenegro and heaven for beach lovers. Nearby you can also visit St George Island and Our Lady of the Rocks, the only artificial island in the Adriatic. You definitely need to visit Perast if you wish to explore the less beaten path without drilling a hole in your wallet.

Visit Asturias and Covadonga convent – Spain

The Asturias region is located near the Bay of Biscay in the center of Spain’s north coast. With a third of the region being protected, Asturias has a lot to offer for its size. It is home to four biospheres that are officially recognized by UNESCO. You can experience the beach, some culture, hiking, wilderness, and nearby cities.

Visit The Azores – Portugal

One European country that you definitely has to be on your itinerary when you buy international tour packages. The Azores is located 800 miles off Portugal’s coast in the mid-Atlantic. The archipelago features nine volcanic islands and presents a great opportunity to experience the divine on a budget.

Last Word

There is a host of other amazing budget destinations on the less beaten path that you can explore on your European tour. Search the web for a reputable provider of holiday packages that gives you fresh Europe tour packages from Mumbai and other major locations in India. Established players offer expertly crafted and affordable Europe individual and group tour packages at affordable prices. Remember to conduct a background search before you proceed to pay for any international tour package. It is important to choose a travel product supplier that enjoys a good reputation in the market as reflected in the testimonies of other travelers. Pack your bags and explore the hidden side of Europe on a budget!