How you can save money on travel with Groupon

Save money on travel with Groupon so you can enjoy more of these

Think travel is an expensive endeavor that you can only afford to do once per year at best? This couldn’t be further from the truth, as not can you cut back on aspects which aren’t as important to focus on ones that are, but there are online discounts available that can slash your overall bill substantially.

Groupon is a site that has become indispensable to frugal travelers everywhere – in this post, we’ll highlight a few examples that will get you out on vacation wherever you feel like you need one.


Dating back to almost the birth of the World Wide Web, Expedia was one of the first internet companies to disrupt the traditional economy, as travel agents suddenly found themselves competing against this self-serve trip planning business.

Nowadays, it is still one of the first sites travelers check when they plot out their travels, as it enables them to save some serious cash.

However, it is possible to save even more by taking advantage of the coupons and deals which are available through Groupon.

Scrolling down the page of Expedia coupons on Groupon, you’ll find offers which will save you considerable cash on car rentals, hotel stays, and flights.

With the best ones offering half-off certain transactions, it is certainly worth your while to browse through the coupons that are presently valid.


If you prefer to book your car rental separate from services like Expedia, Hertz is one of the better options out there.

With experience providing cars and trucks to customers since the 1920s, they are a solid choice for those looking to go with a company that has an excellent product.

While they offer competitive deals compared to other companies in the car rental space, Groupon gives you the opportunity to save even more.

On the Hertz coupon page, you’ll find one-day deals, age discounts, free days, and offers that give you a chance to accrue points/miles on certain charge cards, all in addition to the coupons which offer percentage discounts off the total price of your rental.

Why settle for a competitive rate when you can get a really sweet deal instead?

If you like to book your accommodation through sites like, we totally understand your choice.

With filters that make narrowing down your preferred properties easy and the deals they negotiate with certain operators, you’d be insane to not at least check this site out before going elsewhere.

If you thought your booking experience with this site couldn’t get better, though, their page on Groupon gives you the chance to extend your stretch your travel savings further.

With flash sales that offer up to 50% off your stay, free nights, and killer last-minute deals, always check Groupon before heading to the checkout page – you’ll be glad you did!