The Best 4 Ways to Explore the UK

The UK is an exciting country and there are so many different things for you to explore. You can see ancient artefacts, bustling metropolitan cities, stunning landscape, and iconic landmarks and there are so many ways to travel around the country. Here are the best 4 ways to explore the UK.


Take The Train

You can easily take the train to visit most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Taking the train is brilliant as you can get immersed in a good book, enjoy a picnic, look at the beauitful scenery, and then before you know it you will have arrived at your destination. Trains are usually punctual and the schedules are easy to find online and you can plan your whole trip in advance. You can also download apps to help you. There are different rail passes available that can save you money so it is best to do research beforehand. Some of the passes must be bought in your country of origin and some of them can be bought in the UK.

By Canal Boat

For something quite different you can explore the canals of the UK by narrow boat.  There are many companies that rent canal boats and you can get them in different sizes. The canals take you past beautiful scenery and small towns and you can get out and explore wherever there is a dock to tie the boat to. In England the Thames has plenty of locks for you to explore and you can easily visit places like Bath, Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, and even the capital city of London. You can also explore Northern Ireland by heading out on Loughe Erne which is a labyrinth consisting of 150 islands. You can travel along the River Erne from Lower Lake to Upper Lake. The route is dotted with historic castles, monasteries, beautiful scenery, that you can watch from the boat or get out and explore.


Cycling is a great way to get in shape and it allows you to eat a lot of great food without being worried about gaining weight. There are plenty of cycling routes in the UK and you can join a guided tour or set your own course. You can choose challenging hilly routes or stick to flat lands if you prefer. You can also find roads with less traffic on them so your trip is peaceful. You can ride your way past charming villages, Roman ruins, stop in historic towns, and visit castles, historic churches, and many other sites. You can stay in bed and breakfasts, give glamping a try or stay in 300 year old houses. There are lots of different great foods that you can indulge in to keep up your strength.


You can easily rent a car right from the airport and drive throughout the UK. Rental cars usually come with GPS or you may be able to use the GPS on your phone so you can drive without the headache of getting lost.  There may be discounts available online or in less busy seasons. You could get a self-drive holiday package; tour operators like Great British Trips offer a  tour planning service where they can help you organise your holiday before you get there so that you don’t miss out on anything.