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Best places to ski in Canada this winter

Whistler is among the Best places to ski in Canada

While summer is still in full effect across the Northern Hemisphere, now is the perfect time to plan a snow holiday for the upcoming winter.

While everybody else is still thinking about the beach, you can grab low prices on packages that will allow you to have the ski trip of a lifetime in Canada this upcoming season.

Nevertheless, it can be hard to choose between the many ski areas located across the Great White North.

Below, we will give our suggestions on what we think are the best ski resorts in Canada.

1) Whistler-Blackcomb

If nothing but the best is good enough for you, Whistler is the only place you should be considering for your ski holiday in Canada.

Spread across two mountains with some of the best verticals in North America and villages at the base filled with a variety of restaurants, bars, and boutiques, this place has it all. While it can be a pricey spot, the quality of what you find will justify every loonie you spend there.

Sometimes, however, fog and rain from the coast may mean you’ll have to spend a day indoors waiting for the weather to get colder and drier.

When this happens, fire up your favorite mobile casino and make the most of the inclement weather by winning money as the rain comes down.

2) Sunshine Village

Looking to ski some of the driest champagne powder in North America? Carve it in the heart of the Canadian Rockies at Sunshine Village.

Located a short distance from the picture perfect town of Banff, this gondola-accessed resort has on-hill accommodation that makes it easy to get in line for first chair early in the morning.

With 3,300 acres ranging from easy cruiser runs to double black diamond chutes and glades, avid sports enthusiasts will be stoked every moment they spend on the slopes here.

3) Marmot Basin

Love skiing in the Rockies, but not the lines that come with the more popular resorts? Make a trip up the Icefields Parkway and spend a couple days skiing the slopes of Marmot Basin.

On weekends, you won’t spend more than a minute in a queue, and on weekdays, you will likely end up crossing your own tracks.

Despite the lack of traffic at this Jasper area resort compared to Banff, there are plenty of world class runs to rip down – the only difference is that you won’t have to dodge punters stopped in inconvenient places on the trail.

4) Mont Tremblant

While most mountains worth skiing in Canada are located in the west, there are a number of decent options out east as well.

Of these, Mont Tremblant is among the best, as this year-round resort 80 miles from Montreal offers winter recreation options that will appeal to virtually all travelers.

With one of the most advanced snow making systems in North America, this resort is well-equipped to weather increased warm spells that climate change will be bringing, making a good bet for those afraid to arrive at a place with no snow.

Best day trips from Las Vegas

Heading to the Grand Canyon is one of the Best day trips from Las Vegas

Photo by CC user Antoine Taveneaux on Wikimedia Commons

While there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy on the strip of Las Vegas, you might want to explore the ones that exist outside city limits as well.

In this article, we will review the best day trips from Las Vegas that will make the best use of your time on your trip here…

1) Take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon

One of the most epic day trips you can do from Las Vegas to enjoy a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

Many people that go to see the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas take a bus from the city. This is a time-consuming way to travel there, as it involves long periods spent on the road.

A helicopter is faster and more memorable, as you will get to see the vastness of this natural wonder from an elevated viewpoint.

2) Hoover Dam / Lake Mead

All the glittering lights on the Las Vegas Strip need to get their power from somewhere. Fortunately, the majority of the electricity that powers it comes from the Hoover Dam.

Holding back the largest reservoir in the United States, it is one of the greatest civil engineering projects completed in American history.

When you are finished learning about its inner workings, relax by the shores of Lake Mead. The headpond that was formed when the dam was built, locals love to boat, fish, swim, and enjoy water sports such as wakeboarding and water skiing.

If the thought of all this activity is making you tired, you can simply sunbathe along its shores as well.

3) Red Rock Canyon

A great way to get in touch with nature is to make a quick trip out to Red Rock Canyon. Named after a series of red rock formations that sit just 24 miles from downtown Las Vegas, this place is also a haven for hiking and rock climbing enthusiasts.

The desert scenery out there is dramatic, but be sure to drink plenty of water, as the dryness of the air and high temperatures can lead to dehydration fairly quickly.

4) Bonnie Springs Ranch and Old Nevada

If you are traveling with children, heading out to Bonnie Springs Ranch and Old Nevada is an excellent day trip to do from Las Vegas.

This attraction offers a petting zoo as well as riding stables, allowing your kids to ride ponies. Old Nevada re-creates the atmosphere of the Wild West through a clapboarded 1880’s style frontier town. Once here, you will feel like you have been transported back in time simply by walking its streets. Featuring live performances from living history actors, it is an attraction that will surprise you with its charm and attention to detail.

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