Morocco Spotlight: Marrakesh!

Marrakesh is known for its markets

Photo by CC user Lviatour on Wikimedia Commons

Of all the places there are to travel in Morocco, none capture the imagination quite like Marrakesh. With markets that go on forever, snake charmers, food vendors on almost every corner, and countless other exotic sights, there won’t be a day here that you will catch yourself yawning in boredom.

Before you book your holiday to Morocco, this post will give you a rundown of everything that you can expect when planning a trip to Marrakesh.

How to get there

It is easy to fly direct to Marrakesh from major airports across Europe. There are flights available from centers such as Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Madrid, as well as flights from Doha via Qatar Airlines.

Visitors arriving from other corners of the world can make easy connections through major European centers or through Doha, Qatar.

Getting around

Once on the ground, you will need to take a taxi to your accommodation. Be aware that some taxi drivers at the airport taxi stand may try to get you to accept an inflated taxi fare. Insist on using the meter; if they refuse, walk past the official taxi stand and catch one from another hailing point across the car park.

If you are having a hard time getting the meter, be prepared to haggle with your driver for a fair rate. You should not pay more than 60 Moroccan dirhams to get to and from the airport, and no more than 10 dirhams to travel across town (20 dirhams at night).

There are also airport buses and shuttles available to help you get from the airport to your hotel or guesthouse, if you are prepared to pay more to avoid the hassle of dealing with the taxi drivers outside arrivals.

Where to stay

There are a wide range of places to stay in Marrakesh across all budgets. Riad Jennah Rouge is a great choice for backpackers, as its magnificent courtyard fountains and exquisite design features make it hard to believe that you are in a hostel instead of a hotel.

Dar Kantzaro is a great mid-range option, as its rack rates in the low-to-mid $100’s make this place an unbelievable value. With a massive outdoor pool and exotic room furnishings for a rate that you might pay for a chain motel back home, it will be hard to find a better deal in this town.

What to see and do

Marrakesh represents much of what makes Morocco a captivating tourist destination. With souqs and markets that sell everything from pottery to leather goods, those that adore shopping will be in heaven from the second they get here.

In addition to this, there are numerous mosques, palaces, traditional Moroccan riads, and elaborate gardens that will grab your attention from the first day you get here, to your reluctant final evening in this special city in North Africa.