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The Seven lethal Sins have sliced up the dictionary and brought what is theirs. nobody vice is just too grasping as every one quantity prides itself on having greater than 500 entries. note fans will lust after those richly packaged volumes--and as soon as you've gotten gathered all seven, you will be the envy of your whole friends.

Wrath: A Dictionary for the Enraged

Anger won't ever reason a lack of phrases again--as lengthy because the Wrathful preserve this reference clutched of their fists in the course of their subsequent healthy. Speech might be their weapon as they release a verbal attack on an individual who is wronged them.

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Vindictive (vin-DIK-tiv) ADJECTIVE: influenced by way of revenge; vengeful. virago (vi-RAH-go) NOUN: A tempestuous, loud, or domineering lady. virulent (VEER-yuh-lent) ADJECTIVE: someone or factor that's super adverse or toxic; sour. vitriolic (vit-ree-OL-ik) ADJECTIVE: characterised by way of hate or spite; acerbic. vituperative (vie-TOO-per-uh-tiv) ADJECTIVE: habit or speech that's insulting and abusive; slanderous. risky (VOL-uh-tull) ADJECTIVE: liable to unexpected adjustments or outbursts; unpredictable. the placement with their govt is risky; it’s unwise to trip there until eventually we all know precisely what will take place. W wangle (WANG-gul) VERB: to control a scenario via deceit or trickery; finagle. She was once simply capable of WANGLE her manner out of being charged with robbery through crafting a narrative fascinating sufficient to distract the investigator. cautious (WAYR-ee) ADJECTIVE: Suspicious or leery. waspish (WAH-spish) ADJECTIVE: simply aggravated or afflicted; spiteful. wrathful (RATH-full) ADJECTIVE: choked with anger or spite; enraged. wrest (rest) VERB: To take whatever clear of an individual utilizing strength. wroth (roth) ADJECTIVE: Wrathful or spiteful. Anger is without doubt one of the sinews of the soul; he that wishes it hath a maimed brain. —THOMAS FULLER X, Y, and Z Xanthippe (zan-TIP-ee) NOUN: A connection with Socrates’ spouse, a Xanthippe is a shrewish, ill-tempered lady. yahoo (YAH-hoo) NOUN: A crude, coarse, or brutish individual. In Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, considered one of a race of brutes having the shape and all vices of people. yell (yel) VERB: To cry out of scream with anger, fright, or discomfort. yob (yob) NOUN: A thug or hooligan. you'll run to the shop round the nook, yet beware of the YOB striking via the door; he’s more likely to knock you down and take your cash. yuck (yuhk) INTERJECTION/slang: An expression of robust dislike or disgust. zap (zap) VERB: To kill; to shoot; to assault or smash with surprising pace and strength. zounds (zoundz) INTERJECTION: Used to specific anger or indignation. Copyright © 2011 through F+W Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This booklet, or components thereof, will not be reproduced in any shape with out permission from the writer; exceptions are made for short excerpts utilized in released stories. released by way of Adams Media, a department of F+W Media, Inc. fifty seven Littlefield road, Avon, MA 02322. U. S. A. www. adamsmedia. com ISBN 10: 1-4405-2803-9 ISBN thirteen: 978-1-4405-2803-3 eISBN 10: 1-4405-2829-2 eISBN thirteen: 978-1-4405-2829-3 published within the u . s . a .. 10 nine eight 7 6 five four three 2 1 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication information is obtainable from the writer. This ebook is designed to supply actual and authoritative details in regards to the subject material coated. it really is offered with the knowledge that the writer isn't really engaged in rendering felony, accounting, or different expert recommendation. If criminal recommendation or different professional help is required, the companies of a reliable expert individual could be sought.

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