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By Michael Woods

A royal treasure buried for 3,000 years ... On November four, 1922, a British archaeologist named Howard Carter unearthed a buried staircase in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. on the backside of the staircase was once a door bearing the identify Tutankhamen. That door led Carter to rooms choked with gold treasures and historical statues. And deep within the tomb lay the mother of a king, coated in jewels and sealed in a golden coffin. Carter's discovery used to be the 1st time anyone had chanced on the undisturbed burial chamber of an Egyptian ruler. That King Tutankhamen--who begun his reign approximately 1334 B.C.--had died very younger of unknown motives made the invention much more interesting. quickly Tut's tomb turned recognized all over the world. humans marveled on the gold treasures, the attractive wall work, and the mysterious mummy. They grew enthusiastic about Egyptian historical past and tradition. by means of unearthing this treasure from an historic international, Carter helped humans comprehend what an exceptional civilization historic Egypt have been.

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Old Egypt Timeline http://www. bbc. co. uk/history/ancient/egyptians/timeline. shtml This site lists very important dates in old Egyptian historical past from 3100 B. C. to A. D. 395. a part of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s old his- tory website, it additionally offers hyperlinks to additional information on King Tut and the treasures present in his tomb. on the Tomb of Tutankhamen http://www. nationalgeographic. com/egypt/ learn a web model of the unique February 1923 nationwide Geographic article detailing the hole of King Tut’s tomb. Dig http://www. digonsite. com/drdig/egypt/index. html Dig, a web archaeology journal for college students, good points an archaeology quiz, word list, factoids, and hyperlinks to archaeology web content. Its Ask Dr. Dig column solutions many questions about historic Egypt and King Tut. The Plateau http://www. guardians. net/hawass/ Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass is the secretary common of the ultimate Council of Antiquities in Egypt. His English-language web site beneficial properties information approximately ongoing paintings within the Valley of the Kings, information regarding CT scans of mummies, and articles approximately Egyptian background. the numerous photos of mummies and of archaeologists in motion may well intrigue more youthful readers. seventy six The Theban Mapping undertaking http://www. thebanmappingproject. com/ The Theban Mapping undertaking exhibits readers the entire Valley of the Kings tombs with regards to each other. Interactive map good points lead into the tombs, whole with 3-dimensional versions and brief videos. Unravelling the Mysteries of King Tutankhamen http://magma. nationalgeographic. com/ngm/tut/mysteries/index. html The nationwide Geographic magazine’s on-line archive contains this June 2005 factor on King Tut. the item positive factors an interactive day trip into the tomb and a hyperlink to the 2005 facial reconstruction venture. seventy seven INDEX akh, thirteen, sixty nine old Egyptians: afterlife, 12–13, sixteen, 34, sixty nine; capital urban, eight; pharaohs governed, five; non secular ideals, eight, 12, 23, forty eight; shaved heads, fifty seven. 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