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By Trevor Bryce

This 500,000 observe reference paintings presents the main complete basic treatment available of the peoples and areas of the areas as a rule often called the traditional close to and center East – extending from the Aegean coast of Turkey within the west to the Indus river within the east. It includes a few 1,500 entries at the kingdoms, nations, towns, and inhabitants teams of Anatolia, Cyprus, Syria-Palestine, Mesopotamia, and Iran and components of significant Asia, from the Early Bronze Age to the tip of the Persian empire.

Five distinct overseas students have collaborated with the writer at the venture. exact bills are supplied of the Near/Middle japanese peoples and locations identified to us from historic documents. every one of those entries contains particular references to translated passages from the suitable old texts. a number of entries on archaeological websites include debts in their background of excavation, in addition to extra targeted descriptions in their leader good points and their importance in the advertisement, cultural, and political contexts of the areas to which they belonged.

The publication includes a diversity of illustrations, together with twenty maps. It serves as a huge, certainly a different, reference resource for college students in addition to verified students, either one of the traditional close to jap in addition to the Classical civilizations. It additionally appeals to extra basic readers wishing to pursue extensive their pursuits in those civilizations. there's not anything reminiscent of it out there this present day.

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He complex upon the town after taking pictures and destroying Arzashkun, stronghold of the Urartian king Arame (*RIMA three: 21). The province, yet now not the town, of Armarili, is usually pointed out because the 3rd of 5 Urartian lands traversed via Sargon II in the course of his 8th crusade (714) (*ARAB II: 90–1). Salvini (1995b: 46–8). fifty eight ARBELA Aram-Damascus Aram-Zobah see Damascus. see Zobah. Aratta mythical urban of significant wealth and gear, talked about in M3 Sumerian literary and lexical texts, and infrequently sought, at the foundation of the literary references to it, within the highlands of Iran east or northeast of Anshan. Aratta could have been a true urban, yet this can't be proven. Its fabled wealth used to be because of the big amounts of valuable stones and metals which the neighborhood inhabitants extracted from their mines. in line with the literary culture, seven mountains needed to be crossed inside or past Anshan in an effort to succeed in Aratta. The city’s conquest used to be the best fulfillment of Enmerkar, a mythical early Sumerian king of Uruk identified from numerous Sumerian poems. In of those poems, the king is supported in his assault upon Aratta by means of his son, and by way of the hero Lugalbanda and his seven brothers. A urban named Aratta is supposedly attested additionally in M1 texts, and there was a few debate to whether it's going to be pointed out with Sumerian Aratta; even if, the M1 attested urban is obviously positioned in Babylonia, and as a minimum the cuneiform symptoms which signify its identify might be learn ‘Bas’ (a city close to Sippar) instead of ‘Aratta’. Cohen (1973), Berlin (1979), T. Potts (1994: 12–14), *CS I: 547–50, Joannès (DCM 285–7, s. v. Enmerkar), Majidzadeh (2003), D. T. Potts (2005b). Arawa see Urua. Araxa (map 15) M1 BCE–M1 CE urban on the northern finish of the Xanthus valley in Lycia, southwestern Anatolia, close to the mod. village of Ören. Tombs of Lycian housetype might point out that the city’s origins date again no less than to mid M1. even if, there aren't any recognized inscriptions of this era. one of the town’s earliest written documents is a C2 decree of the voters of Araxa honouring certainly one of their fellow voters, Orthagoras, and bearing on wars during which Araxa had engaged with the towns of Bubon and Cibyra. Araxa used to be a member of the Lycian League, shaped in early C2, and had appealed to different member towns for counsel in those wars. Bean (1978: 70–2). Arbakku Iron Age urban in northern Mesopotamia, within the westernmost of the areas referred to as Habhu in Assyrian texts (see Habhu (5)). The Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II conquered it in the course of a crusade which he carried out within the area in his 5th regnal yr (879) (*RIMA 2: 210–11, 260). He additionally conquered and plundered in this crusade the fortress-settlements Iiaia and Salaniba which belonged to Arbakku. Arbatu Iron Age urban within the center Euphrates quarter, belonging to the land of Laqe. in the course of his final recorded crusade in 885, the Assyrian king Tukulti-Ninurta II encamped his forces in a single day within the urban, and obtained tribute from its ruler Haranu (*RIMA 2: 176). Arbela (Urbil(um), Arbil/Erbil ) (map 10) urban in northern Mesopotamia, situated within the simple mendacity east of the Tigris among the better and Lesser Zab rivers.

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