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No subject what DBMS you're using—Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL—misunderstandings can continually come up over the best meanings of phrases, misunderstandings that could have a major impact at the luck of your database initiatives. for instance, listed here are a few universal database phrases: attribute, BCNF, consistency, denormalization, predicate, repeating group, join dependency. have you learnt what all of them suggest? Are you sure?

The New Relational Database Dictionary defines all of those phrases and plenty of, many extra. conscientiously reviewed for readability, accuracy, and completeness, this publication is an authoritative and finished source for database execs, with over 1700 entries (many with examples) facing matters and ideas coming up from the relational version of information. DBAs, database designers, DBMS implementers, program builders, and database professors and scholars can locate the knowledge they want every day, details that isn’t available wherever else.

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All key Relvar R is “all key” if and provided that the complete heading of R is a key (in which case it’s the one key, necessarily). Equivalently, R is all key if and provided that no right subset of the heading is a key. observe that if R is all key, then it definitely has no nonkey attributes (q. v. ), however the speak is false—a relvar may have no nonkey attributes and but no longer be all key. ALPHA an offer, because of Codd, for a concrete relational language in accordance with tuple calculus; sometimes called information Sublanguage ALPHA. ALPHA as such was once by no means applied, yet its rules have been influential at the layout of a number of languages that have been, together with QBE, QUEL, and (to a miles lesser quantity) SQL. trade key Loosely, a key that isn’t a prime key, q. v. extra accurately, allow relvar R have keys K1, K2, ... , Kn (and no others), and enable a few Ki (1 ≤ i ≤ n) be selected because the basic key for, or of, R; then every one Kj (1 ≤ j ≤ n, j ≠ i) is another key for, or of, R. The time period isn’t a lot used. AND 1. A connective, q. v. (see conjunction). 2. An combination operator, q. v. observe: AND as conventionally understood is a logical operator (and this commentary applies to either one of the foregoing definitions); despite the fact that, the algebra A, q. v. , comprises an operator it calls AND that—by definition—is a relational operator (in truth, it’s simply common join). antecedent See implication. antijoin time period occasionally used as a synonym for semidifference, q. v. The time period is deprecated, a little bit, as the operator is admittedly “anti” semijoin, q. v. , no longer “anti” sign up for as such. antisymmetry See partial ordering. word that antisymmetry and asymmetry aren’t an identical thing—the former is as outlined below partial ordering, the latter simply ability loss of symmetry. ANY key-phrase occasionally used instead spelling for the mixture operator OR (see mixture operator). visual appeal (Of a price) An incidence or “instance” of a cost in a few context. detect that there’s a logical distinction among a cost as such (see worth) and an visual appeal of that worth in a few context—for instance, because the present worth of a few variable or as an characteristic worth in the present price of a few tuplevar or relvar. after all, each visual appeal of a cost has an implementation that involves a few inner or actual illustration, q. v. , of the price in query (and certain appearances of an analogous price may need distinctive actual representations). hence, there’s additionally a logical distinction among an visual appeal of a cost, at the one hand, and the actual illustration of that visual appeal, at the different; there may possibly also be a logical distinction among the actual representations used for targeted appearances of an analogous price. All of that being acknowledged, notwithstanding, it’s traditional to abbreviate actual illustration of an visual appeal of a cost to only visual appeal of a price, or (more usually) to simply price, as long as there’s no chance of ambiguity. be aware, even if, that visual appeal of a cost is a version inspiration, while actual illustration of an visual appeal is an implementation concept—users definitely may wish to understand even if (for instance) variables comprise appearances of a similar worth, yet they don’t want to know no matter if these appearances use an analogous actual illustration.

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