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The 1st entire survey of normal sleek Greek, this publication bargains a descriptive research of the constitution of the language and of present-day utilization, highlighting the dialogue with examples drawn from a large pass component to spoken, written, and literary resources.

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There aren't such a lot of diminutives with masculine endings: δρόμ-ος 'road, highway' δρομ-άκος 'little street'; πατέρ-ας 'father' -> πατερ-ούλης 'daddy'. (There can also be the realized diminutive in -ίσκος: απατεών-ας 'swindler' άπατεων-ίσκος 'petty swindler'. ) Diminutive endings also can be extra to indeclinable nouns of overseas foundation, hence making it attainable for them to teach a morphological contrast among singular and plural: (τό) σλίπ 'underpants' σλιπ-άκι (same meaning); (τό) φάουλ 'foul (in football)' φαουλ-άκι 'little foul'; (τό) ραντεβού 'appointment, date' ραντεβουδ-άκι (same meaning). there's additionally an finishing -άκιας ( < -ώα) that's utilized disparagingly to a guy who possesses a definite actual or ethical caliber: (τά) γυαλιά 'glasses' ô γυαλ-ώαας 'four-eyes'; (τό) κόρτε 'flirting' ô κορτάκνας 'flirt'. a few adjectives may perhaps obtain diminutive endings within the related means, once they should not used attributively yet are regarded as nouns: μικρ-ός 'small' ô μικρ-ούλης 'little boy'; μελαχριν-ή 'dark-haired' (fem. ) μελαχριν-ούλα 'brunette'; κίτριν-ο 'yellow' θά φορέσω τό κιτρινάκι μου 'I'll put on my yellow [dress]'; τυχερ-ός 'lucky' ô τυχερ-άκιας 'lucky beggar'. (One may additionally upload the diminutive adjective τοσοδούλικος 'teeny-weeny', from the word τόσος δά 'tiny'. ) There also are adjectival diminutive endings -ούτσικος (καλός 'good' καλούτσικος 'goodish') and -ωπός (used with names of colors: πράσινος 'green' πρασινωπός 'greenish'). Examples of swap of which means: καζάνι 'cauldron; boiler' καζανάκι '(lavatory) cistern'; ζευγάρι 'pair, couple' ζευγαράκι 'courting couple'; (ο) λάκκος 'pit' λακκάκι 'dimple'; παράθυρο 'window' παραθυράκι 1 The epenthetic consonant or syllable is mostly found in different derivatives too: ρολόι 'watch, clock* (allostem po\oy-) -+ ρολογ-άς 'watchmaker'; πρά'γμα (allostem πραγματ-) πραγματικός 'real'; ψωμάς 'baker' (allostem ψωμαδ-) ψωμάδ-ιKO 'baker's shop'; αύγό (allostem αύγουλ-) αύγουλ-ιέρα 'egg-cup', αίτγουλ-άς 'egg-seller'. one hundred sixty the trendy GREEK LANGUAGE 'loophole (in legislations or regulation)'; ποδόσφαιρο 'football' ποδοσφαιράκι 'bar-football'; ξυράφι 'razor' ξυραφάκι 'razor-blade'; (ή) πλάκα 'slab, paving-stone' πλακάκι 'tile'; πρόβατο 'sheep' -> προβατάκια 'little sheep; "white horses" (in sea)'. the manager augmentative endings are -άρα and -a (fern. ), and -άρος and -αράς (masc. ). The final (which corresponds particularly to the diminutive -άκιας) occasionally denotes the male possessor of a top quality (there is an occasional female -αρού), whereas the opposite 3 (which often entail a transformation of gender) are user-friendly augmentatives. Examples: κοιλιά 'stomach, stomach' κοιλάρα 'paunch'; (ό) κώλος 'arse' κωλάρα 'fat arse'; (ό) φιλόλογος 'literature instructor' φιλολογάρα 'fantastic literature teacher'; (τό) γκόλ 'goal (football)' γκολάρα 'great goal'; (τό) μπουκάλι 'bottle' μπουκάλα 'big bottle'; (τό) ντουλάπι 'cupboard' ντουλάπα 'wardrobe'; ψεύτης 'liar' ψβύταρος 'big liar'; (τό) κορίτσι 'girl' κορίτσαρος 'beautiful (and might be buxom) girl'; κοιλάρα 'paunch' κοιλαράς 'paunchy man'; τραγουδιστής 'singer' -> τραγουδισταράς 'marvellous singer'.

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