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By Jerry Pournelle, S.M. Stirling

Entire novels of the top-selling Man-Kzin Wars in a single hugh quantity: The kid's Hour through Jerry Pournelle and S.M. Stirling: because the conflict rages on among the strong felinoid warriors from the planet Kzin and the wimpy leaf-eating monkey-boys from Earth, one Kzin commander has made up our minds to benefit from the monkeys and cooperate to beat. however the people know the way to get the competitors of an enemy to cooperate, too. Cathouse via Dean Ing: In one other nook of the galaxy, Carroll Locklear is stranded on a planet with a gaggle of prehistoric Kzinti. to outlive, he needs to locate universal reason, if no longer with the men, then with the adult females of that antiques species...

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