Download E-books Survival Chinese: How to Communicate without Fuss or Fear Instantly! (Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary) (Survival Series) PDF

A convenient Mandarin chinese language phrasebook and consultant to the chinese, Survival Chinese includes simple vocabulary helpful for purchasing around.

This booklet comprises all of the priceless phrases and words for conversing Mandarin chinese language in any form of surroundings. ideal for college kids, travelers, or company humans studying Mandarin or touring to China or Taiwan, it additionally features a newbie advisor to the Mandarin language, bearing in mind a deeper figuring out of chinese language than a standard Mandarin phrasebook or chinese language dictionary. The ebook is damaged into 4 uncomplicated sections: universal chinese language Expressions and keywords, crucial chinese language communique instruments, chinese language commute Vocabulary, and making your personal sentences. All chinese language phrases and words are written in Romanized shape (pinyin) to boot phonetically, making announcing chinese language a breeze. for instance, the notice for "reservation", yuding can be written as yuu-deeng. actual chinese language characters also are integrated in order that in relation to problems the publication should be proven to the individual the person is making an attempt to speak with.

Key positive factors of Survival Chinese include:

  • hundreds of thousands of helpful chinese language phrases and expressions.
  • An A-Z index which permits the publication to operate as a English to chinese language dictionary.
  • Romanized varieties, phonetic spellings, and chinese language Characters (Hanzi) for all phrases and phrases.
  • A concise historical past and heritage of the chinese language language.
  • an entire consultant to chinese language pronunciations.
  • A concise advisor to utilizing chinese language tones.
  • a quick creation to chinese language grammar.

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Zuijin-de cesuo zai nali? ስࢷ֏ҏෘᄇଔৄƪ (Zway-jeen-der tser-swoh zigh nah-lee) Is there a loo in this floor? Zhe yi ceng you cesuo ma? ᅭာҔ႟ҏෘઁƪ (Juh ee tserng you tser-swoh mah) may perhaps i take advantage of the lavatory? Wo keyi yong cesuo ma? ໋ी၅႒ҏෘઁƪ (Woh ker-ee yohng tser-swoh mah) bathroom / Restroom sixty five The Seasons season spring springtime summer time summertime fall autumn iciness wintertime sixty six half One jijie (jee-jeeh) ࠛ࢕ chunji (choon-jee) ԧࠛ zai chuntian (zigh choon-tee-an) ᄇԧษ xiaji (she-ah-jee) ༛ࠛ zai xiatian (zigh she-ah-tee-an) ᄇ༛ษ qiuji (chew-jee) ౖࠛ qiutian (chew-tee-an) ౖษ dongji (dohng-jee) ‫ࠛו‬ zai dongji (zigh dohng-jee) ᄇ‫ࠛו‬ The climate climate climate forecast wind windy cloudy dirt chilly coat scorching humid humidity temperature rain heavy rain storm hurricane raincoat umbrella snow ice tianqi (tee-an-chee) ษఁ tianqi yubao (teen-an-chee yuu-bow) ษఁბϻ feng (ferng) ‫ٮ‬ guafeng-de (gwah-ferng-der) ܑ‫֏ٮ‬ yin (een) ၦ chentu (churn-too) Ӎ๜ leng (lerng) হ shangyi (shahng-ee) ೲဳ re (ruh) ಍ chaoshi (chow-shr) Ӏഫ shiqi (shr-chee) ഫఁ qiwen (chee-wern) ఁົ yushui (yuu-shway) Ⴙඍ da yu (dah yuu) ՠႹ taifeng (tie-ferng) ෥‫ٮ‬ baofengyu (bow-ferng-yuu) ϼ‫ٮ‬Ⴙ yuyi (yuu-ee) Ⴙဳ yusan (yuu-sahn) Ⴙೄ xue (shu-eh) ྼ bing (beeng) ь It’s sizzling! guy re du! ઊ಍֏ƌ (Mahn ruh der) It’s chilly! guy leng de! ઊহ֏ƌ (Mahn lerng der) the elements sixty seven It’s raining. Xia yu le. ༙Ⴙ৾è (She-ah yuu ler) It’s snowing. Xia xue le. ༙ྼ৾è (She-ah shu-eh ler) It’s windy. Feng da. ‫ٮ‬ՠè (Ferng dah) the elements is gorgeous. Tianqi hao jile. ษఁ‫৾ࠈݤ‬è (Tee-an-chee how jee-ler) what's the climate going to be like the next day? Mingtian tianqi zenme yang? ૦ษษఁᄢણဌƪ (Meeng-tee-an tee-an-chee zern-mer yahng) should still we take our umbrellas? Yao dai yusan ma? ရեႹೄઁƪ (Yee-ow die yuu-sahn mah) sixty eight half One Eating chinese language nutrients Zhong can (Johng tsahn) ᆹѾ chinese language eating place Zhong canting (Johng tsahn-teeng) ᆹѾู To specify a neighborhood type of cooking, prefix the identify to shi (shr). listed below are the 4 most famed kinds: Shanghai type Szechuan variety Beijing variety Cantonese kind Beijing dishes Cantonese dishes Szechuan dishes Shanghai dishes Shanghai shi (Shahng-high shr) ೲ݄ാ Sichuan shi (Suh-chwahn shr) ඣԕാ Beifang shi (Bay-fahng shr) Є‫ل‬ാ Guangdong shi (Gwahng-dohng shr) ‫הܦ‬ാ Beijing cai (Bay-jeeng tsigh) ЄࣂѼ Guangdong cai (Gwahng-dohng tsigh) ‫הܦ‬Ѽ Sichuan cai (Suh-chwahn tsigh) ඣԕѼ Shanghai cai (Shahn-high tsigh) ೲ݄Ѽ chinese language appetizers Youming Zhongguo kaiwei xiaocai (Youmeeng Johng-gwoh kigh-way she-ow-tsigh) ႟૪ᆹܽडັབѼ eating place fanguan (fahn-gwahn) ‫ܠـ‬ recognized eating place fan zhuang (fahn jwahng) ‫ـ‬ᇶ inn eating place fan dian (fahn dee-an) ‫ֵـ‬ cafeteria can guan (tsahn gwahn) Ѿ‫ܠ‬ snackbar xiaochi dian (she-ow-chr dee-an) བӣֵ chinese language snackbar fengwei xiaochi (ferng-way she-ow-chr) ‫ٮ‬ຯབӣ American meals Meiguo can (May-gwoh tsahn) યܽѾ Western nutrition Xi can (She tsahn) ໰Ѿ consuming sixty nine American-style breakfast Meiguo zaocan યܽᄔѾ (May-gwoh zow-tsahn) American-style sandwich Meiguo sanmingzhi યܽೂ૦ᆷ (May-gwoh sahn-meeng-jr) American-style dessert Meiguo tianshi યܽอഴ (May-gwoh tee-an-shr) Chinese-style breakfast Zhongguo zaocan ᆹܽᄔѾ (Johng-gwoh zow-tsahn) Chinese-style dessert Zhongguo tianshi ᆹܽอഴ (Johng-gwoh tee-an-shr) menu English menu waiter appetizers fork knife spoon serviette rice, cooked soup steak 70 half One caidan (tsigh-dahn) Ѽհ Yingyu caidan (Eeng-yuu tsigh-dahn) ၱႾѼհ fuwuyuan (foo-woo-ywahn) ‫څ‬໪პ kaiweipin (kigh-way-peen) डັீ chazi (chah-dzu) җሚ daozi (dow-dzu) ցሚ shaozi (shou-dzu) ೺ሚ canjin (tsahn-jeen) Ѿࢨ mifan (me-fahn) ૆‫ـ‬ tang (tahng) ෽ niupai (new-pie) ୎୰ famous dim sum dishes youming dian xin ႟૪֮ཹ (you-meeng dee-an sheen) well-known fish dishes youming yu cai ႟૪ႲѼ (you-meeng yuu tsigh) recognized beef dishes youming rou cai ႟૪ಧѼ (you-meeng roe tsigh) recognized vegetable dishes youming shu cai ႟૪ൠѼ (you-meeng shoo tsigh) seafood fruit greens chopsticks toothpick scrumptious haiwei (high-way) ݄ຯ shuiguo (shway-gwoh) ඍܾ shucai (shoo-tsigh) ൠѼ kuaizi (kwie-dzu) ॡሚ yaqian (yah-chee-an) ࿓ఐ haochi (how-chr) ‫ݤ‬ӣ i want to make reservations for dinner this night.

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