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Attending to grips with a international language isn't effortless, and so much word books are too convoluted that can assist you for those who actually need it. Spanish to move is the following to aid. utilizing daily Spanish for daily situations, this publication is your passport to survival on the airport, in bars and eating places, resorts or at any place you find yourself. supplying you with crucial phrases and words for the main functional of occasions, all with phonetic pronunciations to make tackling Spanish that little bit more uncomplicated, Spanish to head has you coated.

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The fundamentals 2. GETTING FROM A TO B Airports Taxi! Public shipping motor vehicle & Bicycle rent by way of Sea three. mattress & BREAKFAST inns & Hostels camping out four. cash, cash, cash Getting It Spending It five. foodstuff, excellent nutrition consuming Out Staying In 6. attractions & SOUNDS points of interest & instructions 7. SPEND, SPEND, SPEND procuring eight. assembly & GREETING Making buddies nine. EMERGENCIES 10. REFERENCE Numbers Days of the Week Months of the 12 months instances of Day Time KEY VOCABULARY nutrition Dairy Fruit greens Drink advent Concise but informative, Spanish to move is perfect for weekend visits to the gorgeous nation of Spain – a standard look on the contents of this pocket-sized ebook will ascertain you’ll by no means be misplaced for phrases. transparent and certain, the pronunciation that follows each one be aware and word has been devised to simplify the Spanish language for the English-speaking person, with the purpose of manufacturing extra comfy and flowing conversations with the folks you meet. utilize your Spanish experience with Spanish to head – no matter if you’re creating a resort reservation, discovering your strategy to the seashore or chatting up the locals, conversing Spanish hasn't ever been more uncomplicated. observe ON PRONUNCIATION: c earlier than i or e seems like th in imagine g sooner than e or i appears like a guttural h h is usually silent j seems like a guttural h ll appears like y in yellow v usually seems like b z seems like th in imagine woman adjectives usually lead to a; masculine adjectives often lead to o. The under pressure syllable is marked with ‘ after it: i. e. teléfono = tay-lay’fo-noh (lay is stressed). hi Hola oh’lah see you later Adiós ah-dee-os’ sturdy morning Buenos días boo-ay’nos dee’ahs solid afternoon Buenas tardes boo-ay’nahs tar’days stable night Buenas tardes boo-ay’nahs tar’days strong evening Buenas noches boo-ay’nahs no’chays sure Sí see No No noh Please Por want por fah-bor’ thanks Gracias grah’thee-ahs You’re welcome De nada day nah’dah thanks a great deal Muchísimas gracias moo-chee’see-mahs grah’thee-ahs How are you? �Qué tal está? kay tahl es-tah’ high quality. and also you? Bien. �Y tú? bee-en’. ee too happy to satisfy you. (m/f) Encantado / encantada. en-kahn-tah’doh / en-kahn-tah’dah Excuse me Disculpe dis-kool’pay Sorry Lo siento loh see-ayn’toh Pardon? �Perdón? per-don’ Do you communicate English? �Habla inglés? ah’blah in-glays’ I communicate a few Spanish. Hablo un poco de español. ah’bloh oon po’koh day ay-spa-nyol’ I don’t comprehend. No entiendo no en-tee-en’doh I’m English (m/f) Soy inglés / inglesa soy in-glays’ / in-glay’sah My identify is ... Me llamo … could ya’moh may well you repeat that extra slowly, please? Por desire, repítamelo más despacio. por fah-bor’ ray-pee’tah-may-loh mahs des-pah’thee-oh might I go through? �Puedo pasar? poo-ay’doh pah-sar’ Why? �Por qué? por kay whilst? �Cuándo? koo-ahn’doh What? �Qué? kay Who? �Quién? kee-en’ the place? �Dónde? don’day Which? �Cuál? koo-ahl’ How? �Cómo? ko’moh How a long way? �A qué distancia? ah kay dis-tahn’thee-ah How a lot / what number? �Cuánto / Cuántos? koo-ahn’toh / koo-ahn’toss am i able to have … ?

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