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By Nuria Agulló

Spanish between Amigos Phrasebook is aimed toward those that have already got a bit Spanish below their belts. it truly is geared to someone who desires to get past "survival" Spanish and very commence talking and making "amigos".

This specific phrasebook presents readers with all of the instruments they should keep on a talk. except complete lists of ready-to-go-phrases that might get the reader sounding like a local, the phrasebook deals grammar guidelines, insights into Spanish tradition, notes on idioms and slang, and tips about heading off universal blunders. It additionally comprises true-to-life conversations "among amigos" that includes Pepa and Pili, sassy younger ladies from Madrid, and their good friend Mark, an American whose Spanish does not rather degree up. Readers even have the opportunity to perform the words in fill-in-the-blank dialogues on the finish of every unit.

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Assembly up this night going to the flicks going out for a chew to consume/ a drink do you need . . . ? to visit the live performance to visit the exhibition to move out this night How approximately . . . ? How approximately . . . ? assembly up in my local going to the flicks going out for dinner shall we . . . visit the live performance exit for dinner join up later lets cross . . . ? to the exhibition day after today out for a chunk to eat/a drink on an afternoon journey on Saturday Are you on? Are you online game? am i able to count number you in? /Will you return? similar Time, related position? Slang Flash • quedar and apuntarse quedar1 [SP] definite, this suggests to stick or stay. yet it’s extensively utilized much informally to consult plans and getting jointly. Quedar (con alguien) doesn’t have a true English similar, however it approximately capability to rearrange to fulfill (someone). ¿Cómo quedamos? He quedado con Lola más tarde. Lo siento, no puedo, he quedado. whilst and the place we could meet? I’m seeing Lola later. I’m sorry, I can’t, I’m busy/ I’ve obtained plans. apuntarse1 [SP] this implies to enroll or subscribe to (a health club, a membership, a direction, and so forth. ) yet, talking informally, apuntarse potential to be on for whatever (generally, a gaggle plan or event), that's, to wish to take part or pass alongside. Vamos de excursión el sábado. ¿Te apuntas? Sí, me apunto. We’re happening an afternoon journey on Saturday. Are you on? / are looking to come? certain, count number me in. /Yes, I’m on. opting for a Time ¿Qué haces esta tarde? ¿Vas a hacer algo esta tarde? ¿Qué planes tienes esta tarde? ¿Tienes planes esta tarde? What are you doing this afternoon? Doing something this afternoon? What are you as much as this afternoon? have you ever bought any plans for this afternoon? 15 16 Spanish between Amigos Phrasebook ¿Estás ocupad@ esta tarde? ¿Estás libre esta tarde? ¿Cuándo...? ¿A qué hora...? quedamos1 te viene bien ¿Quedamos1...? mañana a las ocho ¿Te viene bien...? a las nueve pasado mañana (Mañana/el viernes), ¿cómo lo tienes? [SP] Nos vemos... a las cinco esta tarde keyword Are you busy this afternoon? Are you loose this afternoon? whilst . . . ? What time . . . ? lets meet is sweet for you we could meet . . . ? the following day at 8 o’clock Is . . . best for you? 9 o’clock the day after the next day to come How’s (tomorrow/Friday) search for you? See you . . . at five o’clock this night • venir(le) bien/mal This expression is used to point plan or scenario matches you or is “good” (that is, handy or welcome). Venir(le) mal capacity the opposite—that is, plan or state of affairs is inconvenient or unwelcome. ¿Te viene bien a las ocho? Me viene mal el viernes. ¿Y si quedamos el sábado? Me viene bien tener a Pili en casa. Así practico el español. Le vendrá bien tomar unos días de descanso. Is 8 o’clock right for you? Friday’s now not sturdy for me. How approximately Saturday? It’s strong having Pili round the apartment. That method i will perform my Spanish. a couple of days’ leisure will do him strong. similar Time, similar position? picking out a spot ¿Dónde quedamos1? ¿Quedamos1...? delante del cine donde siempre ¿Te viene bien...? pasar por mi casa (quedar) por el centro ¿Paso por tu casa? ¿Te recojo en tu casa? Nos vemos... allí en casa de Pepa the place we could meet?

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