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By Wayne Horowitz, Takayoshi Oshima, Seth L. Sanders

One of many earliest surviving manifestations of the cultural history of the Land of Israel in precedent days is using the cuneiform script, from the center Bronze Age to the Iron Age. The Cuneiform in Canaan quantity offers for the 1st time the entire corpus of all ninety one cuneiform pills and inscribed gadgets which were recovered from the Land of Israel, together with cuneiform drugs from the Bronze Age towns of Canaan, texts from the towns of the Philistines, and inscriptions from the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. the amount, which gives serious variations, up to date bibliographies and dialogue for every resource, is the end result of the paintings of the Cuneiform in Canaan examine undertaking of the Hebrew collage of Jerusalem, below the directorship of Dr. Wayne Horowitz of the dep. of old close to japanese stories.

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Line 14 PAis probably an abbreviation for parfsu, a wide unit of ability utilized in the dimension of grain which in modern texts is such as nearly 50-60 litres. four Our translation "barrel" is intended to show the feel of a big vessel used as a customary unit of degree. Singer 1999: 716 estimates the grain concerned the following as "about 15 tons". Line 17 For Jaffa, cf. Gezer 2:10'. Line 21 For trade writings ofthe identify, see Aphek 7:15, 32, 34. three Cf. Izre,el1991: II seventy seven for OA 23:2-3: UJ sa-kin KUR U-ga-ri-it. four See Singer 1983: four. For the degree see RIA 7 522-525 (Maj3e und Gewichte. Bei den Hethitern ). CUNEIFORM IN CANAAN 36 sixteen 17 18 i-na SU mTu-ur-sicma-ti i-na URU ria 1-[p ]u-u ua-bu-[ia a-kdn-n]a iq-bi into the care of Tur-simati in Ja[f]fa: Then [my] father acknowledged [the followin]g: reduce side 19 r21 me-at 50 PA G[IG. ME)S [l]i-id-din 20 "The 250 barrels of w[hea]t [l]et him (Tur-simati) provide over opposite 21 rn-na SV-ti mAd-d[u-ia/ya] into the care of Add[uya. )" 23 rsa-ni-tam1 a-bi rGIG. MES1 sa ti-te-[re-eS] 24 uut-r te-bi1·[l]a-a[k-ku] 25 26 umi-ri-i[l-ti]-ia 22 27 sa i-[l]i-i[k-k]a? -[(am)-ma a]-na mu! J-! Ji a-bi-ia ul rta 1-na-an-rdin ? 1 in addition, my father, (regarding) the wheat that you requ[ ested], certainly, i've got already had it sen[t to you. ] yet my req[uest] which w[e]nt [ouf t]o my father, you haven't granted. Now fathe[r] my [pur]pose in my req[uest, for m]e 30 31 32 33 i-na-an-na a-b[i ~i-b ]u-tu-ia ri-na mil-ri-i[l-ti-ia a-na i]a-a-si X [X X X X X X (X X) )-X·ia rEN1-[ia l]i-id-din i-n[a] SU mAd-du-ya ru]1 a-la-ka-a-ia 34 u ra1-nu-um-ma And now, (in regard to) the silver of Adduya, my enemy t[oo]k7 (it). 28 29 KU. BABBAR. MES mAd-du-ya 35 Tr· -qr? 1· na- ok. 1-n· 1 higher aspect 36 u raL[n]a pa-ni a-bi-ia 37 li-iz-zi-iz Left facet 38 ua-bu-r ia1 li-ip-ru-us-su-nu 39 a-nu-um-ma a-[n]a sul-ma-ni a-bi-ia . [ ....... ( .. )] .. [let my] lo[rd] provide over int[o] the care of Adduya, my courier. So be[fo ]re my father enable him ( Adduya) current (himself) and permit my father pass judgement on them. Now, as a 'gift' f[o]r my father- 39 Ashdod •1. Inscribed Cylinder Seal 2--A. FragmentsofNeo-Assyrian Stelae Ashdod 1: Inscribed Cylinder Seal fundamentals: Jasper; peak: three. 2 em; diameter: 1. five em (collated) Reg. No. : IAA 1963-2501/1 1 basic e-book: Shaffer 1971: 198-199 (photo, pl. ninety seven, second reproduction on p. 198) experiences: NEAEHL: ninety five (photo )2 Date: present in Iron Age II point. The creative and epigraphic standards recommend an previous date, in the course of the second one millennium3 Language: Akkadian, written in Sumerograms. locate info: sector G, Locus 4007, Strata 4-5 (see Shaffer 1971: 198) variation TRANSLATION 1 2 three [Il]i-abnum [the son of B]illulum [the servant] of Isum [i-l]i-ab-num [DUMU B]i-il-lu-lum [IR] dJ-sum statement Line2 Cf. the PN Bi-lu-lu-um at outdated Babylonian Khafajeh (Harris 1955: sixty one, no. 7:8, reproduction, p. seventy two) and Neo-Assyrian Bililutu (PNAE I 344). As famous through Shaffer, in spite of the fact that, a examining [P]i-il-lu-lum is additionally attainable. this is often the legit quantity.

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