Download E-books Accumulo: Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices PDF

By Aaron Cordova, Billie Rinaldi, Michael Wall

wake up to hurry on Apache Accumulo, the versatile, high-performance key/value shop created by way of the nationwide defense corporation (Nsa) and in line with Google’s BigTable facts garage method. Written by way of former Nsa staff individuals, this accomplished educational and reference covers Accumulo structure, program improvement, desk layout, and cell-level security.

With transparent info on method management, functionality tuning, and most sensible practices, this publication is perfect for builders looking to write Accumulo functions, directors charged with fitting and holding Accumulo, and different pros drawn to what Accumulo has to supply. you can find every little thing you can use the program fully.

  • Get a high-level advent to Accumulo’s structure and information model
  • Take a fast journey via unmarried- and multiple-node installations, facts ingest, and query
  • Learn how you can write Accumulo purposes for numerous use instances, in line with examples
  • Dive into Accumulo internals, together with info no longer to be had within the documentation
  • Get specific info for fitting, administering, tuning, and measuring performance
  • Learn top practices in accordance with profitable implementations within the field
  • Find solutions to universal questions that each new Accumulo person asks

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