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By Xu Yuanchong

The 3 Hundred Tang Poems is an anthology of poems from the chinese language Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) first compiled round 1763 through sunlight Zhu (1722-1778), the Qing Dynasty pupil. a number of later variants additionally exist. All variants comprise over three hundred poems: hence, 300 potential no longer precisely three hundred yet refers to an estimative quantification; the 10, twenty, or extra additional poems signify a kind of a very good good fortune bonus, analogous to the "baker's dozen" within the West. much more, the quantity three hundred (or extra precisely 305) used to be a vintage quantity for a poetry assortment a result of impact of the vintage of Poetry (Shijing 詩經), which was once commonly known as the 3 Hundred Poems.

Dissatisfied with the anthology Poems via 1000 Masters (Qianjiashi 千家詩) compiled by means of Liu Kezhuang within the past due Southern tune, and encouraged through Ming Dynasty poetry anthologies, sunlight chosen the poems according to their recognition and academic worth. the gathering has been well known ever given that and will be present in many chinese language families. for hundreds of years, basic scholars memorized the poems and used them to benefit to learn and write. It includes poems by means of Du Fu, Li Bai, Wang Wei, Li Shangyin, Meng Haoran, Han Yu, Du Mu, Bai Juyi, Liu Changqing, Cen Shen, Wang Changling, Wei Yingwu, and extra. Li he's one striking Tang poet absent from the compilation.

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